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Frequently Asked Questions

1. If you have provided your correct email id in the application form/ online registration, you will receive an email confirmation.
2. You will also be intimated with a reference a notification on the mobile number provided by you.
3. This reference no. is the only means of your contact with SNTI for any query.
4.You can also check the status of your application within 15 working days of submitting your application, on the Tata Prashikshan website. If you do not receive any intimation from the office, please email us at or contact us at 0657 6644232.
Your entry confirmation is subject to –
1. Verification of documents submitted by you
2. Verification of your application’s eligibility
3.Availability of projects for the field applied
4. Entry Rules and Guidelines
Once all the above rules and guidelines have been complied with, you will receive a confirmation mail from SNTI stating your date of reporting to SNTI as well as other reporting details.
If you do not have one, then we recommend that you create your own email address before filling up the online application. Email address is compulsory for the purpose of communication with the applicants.
The documents that you will need to upload while applying for training are:
1. Passport size photograph.
2. Photocopy of the applicant’s or sponsor’s TMH Medical book.
3. Bonafide certificate from college.
1. Identification proof in original to be shown at gate pass section.
2. Bonafide certificate in original submitted to SNTI on the day of reporting.
You will undergo a half day session on ‘Induction programme at Tata Steel.
The other half of the day will involve the process of gate pass and RFID making at NTTF.
The gate pass process may spill over to the next day as well depending on the no. of students joining on the same day.
The day of reporting to SNTI next will be announced on the 1st day of reporting.
The gate pass is valid for the entire duration of training with a maximum validity of 8 weeks.In case the training extends beyond 8 weeks, the candidate has to report to SNTI for extension after his/her guide has mailed SNTI for the same.
You need to submit your gate pass, RFID, attendance sheet, arm band (in case it is issued) and project in soft copy to SNTI the next day after completion of your project between 3 pm to 4.30 pm.
You can collect it from SNTI, 2 days after submission of your project and relevant documents between 3 pm to 4.30 pm.
Yes, somebody else can collect it on your behalf, provided you give him/her an authorisation letter stating your reference number.
The person should also carry his/her id proof.
Request letter from college which contains the semester the candidate is in and his batch.

Training and Placement officer ,has to mentioned only in case of candidates coming through the college route.

Voter ID/ Pan Card/ Passport/ UNID/College ID card

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